Historical Products and New Products

ROSER offers a wide range of polychloroprene and polyurethane adhesives (for cold and hot bonding systems) and adhesives for the injection of TR and PVC on leather, tunit, salpa etc. Here below we propose three of our best products.

Thanks to long experience of research and laboratory work, ROSER can boast a wide range of water based products which eliminate the toxicological and physical risks due to flammability of the solvents. Below we mention three products that enable a complete processing, from the preparation to the final bonding of materials.


Adhesives obtained formulating polyurethane resins that require heat-reactivation for their molecular bonding. These adhesives are not sticky and allow an immediate grip without releasing threads. Fundamental characteristic of these products, which generally do not require the use of expensive activators, is that they have great yield. This is immediately obvious from their excellent spreadability and because they do not undergo the negative influence of plasticizing oils and greases Rubber and TR soles have to be previously halogenated.


Adhesives obtained combining polychloroprene rubbers (CR) and resins which give them a yellow color, light / dark amber. Their main characteristic is that they do not require the use of heat to be reactivated, it is therefore a cold bonding, a mechanical and non-molecular bonding system. Generally the materials to be bonded (leather, not synthetic fabrics, tunit, micro, rubber, para etc.) need only to be previously roughed.


Completely solvent-free adhesives, safe for both the environment and people using them.


Adhesives based on elastomers and synthetic resins and natural rubbers.


They prepare the surfaces, making them compatible with the subsequent application of adhesive, thus ensuring the perfect bonding.


The diluents are necessary to wash materials having the presence of plasticizers and release agents. Crosslinking agents are used to increase the bonding speed and the heat resistance.

Our best products

It is the best polyurethane adhesive produced by Roser for the hot bonding of soles, well known and appreciated as a mono component with the greatest yield, immediate grip and completely free from release threads. It must be reactivated at 60-70° C, the two sides joined and pressed immediately. 517 is also a valid adhesive for direct injection of PVC, TPU and PU. Because of these properties and the speed of application, it is highly appreciated especially in large productions.

Polychloroprene adhesive for cold bonding system with high crystallization and excellent spreadability. Due to its universality and efficiency it is appreciated in footwear and soles factories, recomended for bonding natural, vulcanized and microporous rubbers both among themselves and with various leathers, for applying heel layers on polystyrene heels, perform, tunit, rubber , leather, polystyrene, para, regenerated leather etc. Main characteristic of the product is the almost total absence of the typical yellow color of polychloroprene adhesives. Absolute innovation proposed in recent years is the 682/R adhesive, which differs for the shorter drying time (15’- 40’) and the even clearer coloration, almost transparent compared to the 682, ideal for white materials.

Unique adhesive specific for the injection of TR. This adhesive is applied on the molten material at 160° C, thus realizing products to be printed. It can be used immediately before or long time before the injection, the grip will be however immediate. Over the years the adhesive 761 has been improved, therefore the development of adhesive 761/S, with greater penetrability, and adhesive 761/S1 which differs for the lower reactivation (130°-140°), recommended for the injections of TR foams which require less heat.

It is a water based halogen specifically designed for the chlorination of the TR rubbers and rubbers previously roughed.

It is is a degreased alkaline cleaner specifically designed for the cleaning of TPU supports; removing all impurities from the material, it guarantees an adhesion considerably better than the standard one.

Polyurethane mono component water based adhesive, it needs 50°-60° C to be reactivated. It grants an immediate grip whitout release threads further it can be used for PVC.